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Hit the Slopes in Jackson Wyoming

December 28, 2017

Jackson, Wyoming, may not be one of the first destinations you think of when you’re planning a ski vacation, but this is a prime spot for winter activities. Ski resorts in the area open around late November and early December and close in March and April. Plan your vacation during this sweet spot for a distinctive ski retreat that many overlook.

Enjoy a Quieter Escape

If you’re looking for a ski vacation that lacks the general bustle and buzz associated with some of the country’s top ski resorts, Jackson, Wyoming, is just the thing. The nearest major city, Salt Lake City, is four hours away. This tends to keep the less intrepid travelers away, generating an environment of dedicated enthusiasts who have the grit to get to a more remote destination. This isn’t to say that you’ll find Jackson deserted, but you should feel that the atmosphere is a bit less touristy than other options.

Select Your Ski Resort

The oldest ski resort in the area is Snow King Mountain. The first ski runs opened here around the 1960s. Though it’s smaller than other options, it’s also a prime pick for affordability. Night skiing adds to the allure if you’re after a more distinctive experience.

The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a larger option in Jackson. Spanning 2,500 acres with 116 trails and an elevation of 3,185 feet, this resort has a little of everything. Just 10 percent of its terrain is appropriate for beginners, with 40 percent geared toward the intermediate crowd and a solid 50 percent ideally sculpted for advanced skiers.

Book Your Stay

The best way to enjoy Jackson’s winter sports is from a nearby hotel. While you can travel throughout the area to get access to additional resorts such as Grand Targhee, about an hour north, you’ll enjoy more time on the slopes if you focus your activities on closer destinations.

There are several convenient hotels near the Snow King Resort and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Most are affordable hotels and motels, though you can also splurge on something like the luxury log cabins at The Rustic Inn. Book early for the best prices and guaranteed availability. If you wait too long, you may find it difficult to get a room.

Diversify Your Activities

While skiing is the main draw for this type of vacation, there are several things you can do on and around the slopes. Consider an aerial tour for a bird’s-eye view of the landscape. You can soar over the town of Jackson, the Teton Range, and the Gros Ventres. Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge have groomed trails for winter bike tours. Strap on your snowshoes and hike through the terrain at a more leisurely pace to truly appreciate the beauty of the area. Select a variety of options for a well-rounded experience in Jackson.

If you want to plan a ski adventure with a little something different in the mix, don’t miss the vacation opportunities that are waiting for you in the remote reaches of Jackson, Wyoming.